Effective Rug Repair and Restoration in Nassau County

Rugs are beautiful and they can keep their beauty for many years. You probably feel very proud about them, showing them to family and friends. However, the sad reality is that rugs inevitably degrade over time. Sometimes it happens sooner, other times it happens later. But rugs always degrade, and you can't do much about it.

We know how much you care about your precious Oriental or Persian rug. We know you don't want to hide it or throw it away just because of some tears or discoloration. This is why you will be thrilled to learn that here at Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County, we can restore your rugs to their former glory. If you live or operate in Nassau County, you can take advantage of our amazing rug repair and rug restoration services: 516-708-0273.

Affordable and Reliable Rug Restoration and Repair in Nassau County.

You are probably worried about damage. After all, you are very fond of your rugs. It's understandable. This is why we want to make it very clear from the start that we will never damage your items. We take great care of each and every rug our clients give us. Our experts have great attention to detail and use safe procedures to repair or restore any type of rug – no matter how damaged it may be. Of course, you can rely on us because our word is out bond. If we tell you we can repair or restore your rug, we will work hard to keep our promise

Comprehensive List of Rug Repairs and Restorations

Rug repair and rug restoration services are complex. They require great attention to detail, a lot of skill, and plenty of experience. Our experts have all these qualities – and many more. This is why Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County is proud to say that its professionals offer the longest list of rug repair and restoration services in Nassau County.

Here are some of our most popular rug repair services:



Rippling and buckling

Fringe attachment

Adding loops

Patching tears, small holes and rips

Edge fraying


Fuzzing and shredding

And many more

If you need quality rug restoration services, here is what we can help you with right now:

Fade correction

Fringe detailing

Fringe replacement

Coloring services

Water or fire damage

Hem stitching

Large holes and tears

Moth damage

And many more


Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our rug repair and rug restoration services. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction. Thanks to the experience of our professionals, we are able to tell our clients exactly what can be repaired or how long the restoration procedure will take. Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County is a transparent company that values its clients.

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