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Expert Rug Cleaning in Nassau County

Welcome to Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County. We are the company that provides the best and most reliable rug cleaning in Nassau County. Our experts are the best in town and each and every one of them has extensive experience cleaning all types of rugs and carpets. No rug is too big or too small for us. Furthermore, we use innovative processes and techniques to clean all kinds of stains and spots from your rugs and carpets. For all your Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning needs, you can rely on us: 516-708-0273.


Our Rug Repair and Restoration Services

When it comes to rug repair and rug restoration, you won't find a more affordable and effective company than Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County in Nassau County. Our rug repair experts know everything there is to know about rugs. They have extensive experience and use state of the art technology to deliver outstanding customer service. We can repair and restore any rug of any size in record time.

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Reliable Rug Cleaning

We provide the best rug cleaning services in town, period. Keep in mind that rug cleaning means much more than just tossing the items into a washing machine and adding some cleaning products. We don't use industrial washers and we are very selective of the cleaning products we use to clean specific rugs and carpets.

Do you know the benefits of cleaning your rugs and carpets periodically? Here is a simple list:

The rugs we clean smell great

The products we use leave a nice, pleasant smell.

We increase the life of your rug

Our washing procedures are designed to prolong your rugs' life.

We remove all the allergens from the item

All allergens are removed during vacuuming and washing.

You save a lot of time

Why struggle with those large rugs and carpets yourself?

We remove all the stains

Our professional cleaners inspect your items twice to make sure.

Great hygiene

Clean rugs are hygienic rugs.


Commercial Rug Cleaning in Nassau County

Yes, we serve companies in Nassau County. Our commercial rug cleaning services are just as good as out residential services. Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County is trusted by hundreds of small businesses and corporations. We provide the best rug cleaning services and can also help companies with rug repair and rug restoration services. Remember, Carpet Carpet Cleaning Nassau County experts will come to your office or headquarters and will pick up the items for free. After we clean them, we will deliver the rugs and carpets back to you – for free, of course.

Our Experienced Rug Cleaning Professionals

We owe much of our success to our amazing rug cleaning experts. Here is what makes us different from all others in Nassau County:

Our rug cleaning experts move very fast

Specific techniques for each rug type

Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured

We use state of the art equipment

No harsh cleaning products

Our staff is responsive and polite

Very strict quality assurance process

We employ skilled professionals

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